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Born and raised in Toccoa, Georgia, Scoot Teasley has been immersed in the world of music since his earliest days. With a deep-rooted passion for rhythm and melody, he initially found his groove behind the drum kit, fostering a lifelong love of music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers, Scoot is on a mission to carve out his unique niche within the world of country music.

From his debut single, the emotionally charged “Let Me Move On”, to the soulful resonance of Nothin’ On Me”"“Moonshine”and “Perfect Season”,  Scoot Teasley has been on the rise, captivating audiences and stirring hearts with his heartfelt songs.

Teasley’s newest single, “White Cowgirl Boots”  not only showcases his artistic growth but also underscores his commitment to weaving authentic narratives through music. "White Cowgirl Boots" was co-written  by Teasley, Jon Whelan, and Zarni de Vette, and produced by Lex Lipsitz, the track promises a captivating blend of playful lyrics and soulful melodies that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners.invites listeners on an emotional journey, embodying Scoot's signature depth and masterful musicality.


As Scoot Teasley's musical voyage unfolds, his dedication to crafting unforgettable country music experiences remains unwavering. Keep an ear out for more soul-stirring tunes on the horizon. Thank you all for your continued support, and most importantly, GO DAWGS!!!

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